Atlanta sound SystemAt H&H Electric and Security, we take pride in offering Surround Sound Entertainment installations. If you are interested in enhancing your home’s entertainment system, allow our specialists to pre-wire your new home for surround sound, in-room, and or deck speakers today! We will pre-wire your home for speakers in any room you would like. In addition to installing your new systems, we will also assist you in designing the ultimate sound system to meet your needs. We have a variety of brands for you to choose from!

Listed below, you will find a few of our current options:

  • 5 speaker surround sound set up
  • 7 speaker surround sound set up
  • Volume controls for individual rooms
  • Stereo receivers
  • IR-infrared remote stations
  • Individual runs available for certain rooms per your request
  • Exterior speakers for stereo

Why hire a professional?

There are many reasons why installing your surround system on your own time is never a good idea. Below are the top three reasons homeowners resort to the professionals for their surround system installation jobs!

Installation can be complicated:

Complicated installations have a direct correlation with the size and make of the surround system that you purchased. Because of this, when it comes to the installation process, there are several technical considerations involved! The first consideration is the wiring of the speakers if you are not using a wireless system. Then the part of sorting out all the electrical issues that can arise at any time can be quite the headache. Handling these types of problems can be frustrating and time consuming if not done by someone professional trained with the installation process.

The ositioning of each speaker:

A common mistake made by most DIY installations is positioning the speakers wrong. The purpose of surround sound is to have the full sound experience every time you turn your entertainment center on and if you aren’t familiar with how things should be positioned according to the room etc, then you risk diluting the sound, loosing the experience of being apart of the environment onscreen.

Possible static interference:

Many problems can arise when adjusting the wiring or power supply. If these aspects are not properly installed, then you risk having static interference in your speakers, which is never a pleasing sound. The chances of this happening, if installed by yourself, is greater due to the amount of wiring accompanied with the different speakers.

Future Assistance:

One of the most beneficial reasons you should hire a professional to install your sound system is the professional assistance in the future if anything were to go wrong. Our specialists take pride in always being available for our customers! Having our back up at any time is reassuring to all homeowners.

Your H&H specialist is properly equipped to deal with such problems as they arise and are knowledgeable in the removal of them! Contact us today for additional information on your surround system installation.