Landscape lighting is the best way to bring your home’s exterior to life at night! There are several different kinds of lighting that can be installed such as:

  • Security/ Safety
  • Accent Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Strip Lights
  • Water-feature Lighting

Because of the variety of lighting you can incorporate, leaving it to the professionals is reassuring- as they know where to place and how to properly install them for best use.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are four main benefits to installing landscape lighting around your home’s exterior:

  • Expansion
  • Setting boundaries
  • Safety
  • Aesthetic appeal


Adding landscape lighting can definitely bring your home’s exterior to life and illuminate key areas for attention grabbers, but most homeowners underestimate the aspects of exterior lighting and that it can actually be used to extend the living space both physically and visually. By adding light to dark areas of the home’s exterior, it visually pushed the property line of the house- making your home appear bigger. Multiple lights can be added to expand as little or as much as your would like. When complete, the lighting creates a striking look for your home’s exterior, especially when all the interior lighting is off.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries around your home is a great way to expand your home’s exterior. Many homeowners have shrubs or additional plant lines that represent the of their property lining. By placing lighting around these areas, the lighting can create a wall of light, highlighting your property!

Safety First

Installing safety lights is important for all members of the household and guests as well. Lighting areas such as the walk ways, stepping areas, and drive can help reduce the risk of accidents such as tripping and falling. By having lights installed in these areas also illuminates the main entry areas of the home- which provides security as well. Safety lighting products include: motion lighting, timed lighting, solar lighting, and many more!

Aesthetic Appeal

When all is said and done, exterior lighting is truly art for your home. It takes a simple concept and turns your home into a masterpiece. Not only does lighting enhance your home, but lighting also comes in many forms and colors- adding a soft tone all the way to drastic!

For additional information on installing or adding to your landscape lighting, contact your Atlanta electrician today!