“Explained Everything! Wonderful Experience! Gene Jr. was excellent! He was thorough and thoughtful! – M. Young

“Jamie did an excellent job!” – Jean S.

“I have your security system and use H&H for all of my electrical work.” – Jody B

“Jamie Came To Our House Yesterday And He Was Wonderful.” -E. Porter, Overnight Service

“Johnny was very knowledgeable & professional.” -Ekta P.

“Michael is truly and outstanding individual. He knows his stuff. He is trustworthy and a keeper!” -Henry L.

“Great job! And attention to detail!” –Molly Z.

“Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, great representative of H&H.” -Henry L.

“Professional Service; Highly Recommend!” -Uday P.

“Jamie is the best I have seen!” -Wayne L.

“★ ★ ★ ★ Very professional and knowledgeable!” -Gail & Charlie C.

“Michael & Josh did an outstanding job.” -John P.

“Johnny and his helper were excellent. Great work!” -Susan S.

“Jamie was great!” -Fayer

“Very professional attitude & very knowledgeable!” -April A.

“Josh was very nice and professional.” -JJ

“Josh did a great job!” -David J.

“Great work by Josh and Cassidy!” -Phillip W.

“Michael was very helpful & courteous.” -Dave L.

“Michael and Cassidy were both knowledgable and professional. Everything was great!” -Don S.

“Mr. Heath and his associate explained all work and costs before they started. They worked quickly and cleaned up when done. I’ll ask for Mr. Heath again.” -Jo Ann V.

“Jamie and German were awesome! Great job!” -Debbie K.

“Michael did a great job!” -W. W.

“Jamie & Herman did an excellent job. Will use H&H for future electrical needs.” -Gary W.

“All the Tech’s were awesome, especially Roland.” -Johnny B.

“The Technician was very knowledgeable and did a great job!” -William W.

“Very pleased that work was completed same day as quotation.” -C. Edward Z.

“Roland & Caesar were very professional.” -Danny B.

“Jamie is a good man and worked hard.” -Greg C.

“Billy was a gift and a delight to work with.” -Deborah F.

“Michael was very knowledgeable and professional.” -Charles J.

“Michael did an outstanding job!” -John P.

“Fred, I wanted to take the time to let you know that I think Jamie is one hell of a worker. Builders in general are quick to say when something is wrong but I would like to take the time to say that Jamie is a good attribute to both or our success.” -Brad M.

“Billy did an awesome job!” -Suzanne D.

“Michael was very knowledgeable & professional.” -Charles J.

“Good customer service.” -Anne T.

“Excellent service, explanation and work ethics.” -Gail M.

“★ ★ ★ ★ Awesome!” -Michele F.

“Thanks for the assistance!!” -Billy C.

“GREAT JOB!” -Shiela C.

“Great service. Thanks!” -Julie C.

“Billy was very informative and did excellent work.” -Charles J.

“Best job yet. Awesome job. Highly recommend.” -E. B.

“Billy did a great job!” -Henry O.

“Michael did an outstanding job.” -John P.

“Billy was very polite and helpful.” -C. G.

“Great Job!” -Kathy A.

“Very friendly and professional.” -Larry H.

“Billy is a great representative for your company, intelligent!” -Frank G.

“Representative listened to my questions!” -George L.

“Outstanding tech! (Michael)” -De S.

“Billy was fast and honest. He will be our go to guy!” -Chris B.

“Outstanding! Same great service. Mike was a great representative of H&H.” -Henry L.

“Great company, office staff and technicians!” -Stephanie M.

“Thanks so much Jamie! Great service and showed up when expected!” -Jenny L.

“Michael is a great tech. Great job! Please send Michael anytime I call.” -Bobby T.

“Rick has been here before and I always enjoy working with him!” -Jody B.

“Rick & Michael are such nice guys. They checked every thing I asked about!” -D. B.

“Excellent and complete work. Great job! Very very satisfied!” -Ken N.

“Roland did a great job!: -D. T.

“Rick was very nice, very informative and had a great attitude.” -Kellie W.

“Roland & Michael were great! The work was great too!” -Jane S.

“Rick was very professional and had a very good attitude.” -John M.

“Service provided on schedule. Great customer service by Justin!” -Anne M.

“Rick did a superior job solving technical problems. Persistent, Dedicated, Polite!” – J. K.

“Greg was very professional and courteous.” -Christopher K.

” The tech was super nice and helpful.” -Theresa M.

“Greg answered all of my questions and was patient.” -M.K. W.

“Rick had to get creative with the solution to our problem. Good job!” -Robert S.

“Greg & Justin were polite and knowledgeable.” -Noelle D.

“Rick is great!” -S. C.

“Rick was a pleasure to do business with.” -Warren W.

“Justin did a great job. Thanks.” -John A.

“★ ★ ★ ★★ 5 out 4 Stars! BEST EVER! Justin was very much on the ball and professional. I want him every time.” -Pat K.

“Greg is fabulous. You guys are great and saved the day AGAIN!” – Carol G.

“Greg did a nice job and was very informative.” -Dave L.

“William was excellent. I am very satisfied with H&H’s honest work.” -B. F.

“Michael was friendly and courteous. He represented H&H as an outstanding example of professionalism and did outstanding work.” -Henry L.

“Rick was efficient and very polite! -Randall R.

“Excellent Job!” -Bobbly T.

“Excellent service. Rick is a true professional and a nice guy.” -Jason Z.

“Rick is the classic employee H&H can be very proud to have representing the company!” -T.L. W.

“Roland was courteous, polite and careful.” -Patty D.

“William, our Technician, is very efficient.” -W. H.

“Great service and quality work!” -Bill J.

“Extremely informative and timely. Will recommend.” -Mike F.

“Rick, our Technician, did an outstanding job!” -Barbara B.

“Great Job!” -Farrell M.

“Rick & Michael did a great job. We are very happy with the service! -Rachael S.

“★ ★ ★ ★ out 4 Stars! Our Technician, Danny was very nice!” -Jenny S.

“Liz is The Best Help You Could Have” – Sheila T.

“Walked around with the technician, everything was explained including price and was clear for the first conversation” – Peggie C.

“Excellent Work, Great Job, Very, Very Satisfied!” – Steve R.

“They have earned our trust!” – Jinu K.

“Technicians were excellent, polite, and considerate.” – Morace G.

“Very Professional!” – Lucile S.